Equipment and Resources

Eksigent NanoLC-2D

Eksigent NanoLC-2DThe Eksigent NanoLC-2D is a fully automated 2-dimensional chromatography system ideal for whole proteome profiling, low abundance protein identification, and post translational modification. Built with a 10-port column switching valve, 2 binary gradient pumps and autosampler, the NanoLC-2D system does not only provide high-throughput proteomics, it is designed for flexibility. The system allows three modes of operation: 1D, 2D, or parallel separations with optimized ultra-low flow rates of first dimension 1-20 µL/min, second dimension 50-1000 nL/min. The novel pumping system eliminates the need for flow splitting, providing excellent run-to-run reproducibility.

For details, please visit the Eksigent web site.

Thermo LTQ FT hybrid mass spectrometer

Thermo LTQ FT Mass SpectrometerThe LTQ FT combines the most advanced Ion Trap and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance technologies into a single instrument with unprecedented analytical power and versatility. Ultra-high resolution and sensitivity coupled with sub ppm mass accuracy, and MSn are universally available for the toughest applications demanding rigorous structural characterization.

  • Attomole sensitivity
  • Widest dynamic range ( > 4.000)
  • ppb mass accuracy
  • Resolution > 750.000

For details, please visit the Thermo web site.

Thermo LTQ mass spectrometer

Thermo LTQ Mass SpectrometerThe ThermoElectron Finnigan LTQ is a linear ion trap mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ionization source. The LTQ is a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer with improved capacity, trapping efficiency, and scan speed.

The LTQ can be set up to collect full scan MS and MSn (n=2-10) data. Advanced scanning modes include data-dependent scans, zoom scans, and ultra zoom scans. Ion mapping experiments can be used to generate full scan, neutral loss, and parent ion maps. Both positive and negative ions can be detected.

TriVersa™ NanoMate® and ESI Chip® System

TriVersa NanoMateTriVersa is an automated nanoelectrospray source that integrates LC/MS, fraction collection and chip-based infusion in one system. It is ideal for characterization for post-translational modification (PTM) and biomarker discovery.

Advion’s ESI Chip unleashes the power of MS through miniaturization. Advion ESI ChipThis microfluidics chip contains an array of nanoelectrospray nozzles, each one-fifth the diameter of a human hair, etched in a silicon wafer. The fabrication technology is highly reproducible to ensure the integrity of each nozzle.

For details, please visit the Advion web site.